"We are all leaves of one tree.
We are all waves of one sea."
Thick Nhat Hanh

Yoga classes around Louth, Lincolnshire

Sarah Hudson has been practising yoga, mainly in Lincolnshire, for over 30 years.

Currently there are places available at the yoga classes in Louth and in the village of North Somercotes. Visit the Yoga Classes page for further information.

Sarah's yoga classes are very much 'relax and let go' and she encourages students to be aware of the ground beneath them, to listen to and work with their own bodies, to be mindful of their breath, their senses and the movement their body is making.

Each yoga class begins with a few moments centring, becoming aware of the body and its contact with the ground, bringing the awareness to the present moment and the flow of the breath.

This is usually followed by some limbering/warm up movements and movements to stimulate the circulation, before progressing to some posture work and winding down through soft, flowing movements, concentration or breathing techniques.

Call or email Sarah for more info or to find out about available yoga classes.

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