Yoga Classes FAQs

What will I need to wear for Yoga Classes?

You will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing, eg track suit bottoms, leggings, yoga trousers and a t shirt for yoga classes. A pair of socks and a warm sweater will come in handy for the relaxation, but the main posture work will be done in bare feet for safety reasons.

What equipment will I need for Yoga Classes?

You will need a non slip mat for use during posture work, and these can be purchased from the BWY website, some sports shops or large supermarkets. You can borrow one of my mats for a week if you wish to try a class but, for hygiene purposes, you are better having your own mat. A blanket, block or firm cushion would also be useful.

What should I eat before Yoga Classes?

Please note it is extremely important to have only a light snack before attending the yoga class, and to have consumed no food for at least one hour, preferably two, before the commencement of the class.

What else should I be aware of before I go to Yoga Classes?

It is advisable not to wear items of loose jewellery or a wrist watch. If you take your mobile ‘phone with you to the class, can you please ensure it is turned to silent or switched off during the session.