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Making websites that actually do the business. 


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David Waumsley

1. The Discovery Phase

This is where we talk about your site objectives and what success should look like.  We'll focus on your target audience, their pains points and how your marketing message will addresses them.

This is often the most challenging part for clients. But as it underpins everything that follows it's also the most important stage . The good news is, there's a whole heap of fantastic resources to help smash through just about any mental block.

It's also here where I carry out any Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis.


2. Visual Design & Layout

Yay...  we know who we want to attract!  Woo hoo... we know what actions we want them  to take.  We have to something to design for.

This generally starts with organizing the site's content around  'wire-frames'. This keep the focus on organising our 'Calls to Actions' and priorities. Also it help us set out a logic journey for users.

Next is visual design which is the easiest to relate to...  but where there can be conflicting.  To prevent creating the website equivalent of Frankenstein monster we use user & site personas.  These move the process away from personal taste and back our objectives.

3. Testing & Optimising 

"Houston we have a problem...  Copy that, but we've already made the final payment to the developer".

Most see the launch of a website as the end of the project...  web savvy folk see it as the start.   After launch we can start to obtain some statistics and get a better indication on what is working and not. 

Of course, we can do some user testing before launch to iron out most problems... but with larger numbers we can carry out all manner of geeky performance tests such as A/B testing,  heat maps and Google Analytics.  We can see how the SEO is working.



Web Copy & Content


Think of Web copy as the skeleton of a site. It's text designed to compel your visitor into taking an action. It's your Value Proposition, Headers and Calls to Action.  I help clients with this aspect of design, but generally not with other written web content.

Graphics & Photography


After defining a personality for the site I start work on the graphics, photography and typography to reflect this.  For any personal photography such as staff or office photos you will need to supply high resolution copies so they can be adjusting to blend with the site.

Content Marketing


Content Marketing is creating and sharing media to get and retain customers. It's far more effective than traditional advertising and involves Blogging and Social Networkings. Most businesses start Social Networking with the wrong strategy. I can help with that.